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Any information or pictures on the lost ski areas of North Dakota would be greatly appreciated. please email:

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Bear's Den Mountain + - previously called Fort Ransom Ski Area, renamed Bear's Den in 1996; now open as Thrill Hills

Fort Ransom* - see Bear's Den

Huff Hills

Lake Region Winter Sports Inc. * - see Skyline Skiway

LaMoure Ski Run

  • LaMoure, ND - southeast North Dakota, WSW of LaMoure
  • Google Maps / Google Earth ???
    46.358718504749746, -98.29373435131643
    (town of LaMoure)
    Please email - - if you know a more precise location.
  • From the LaMoure County Museum Facebook page administrator, Sonya Albertson: "Here is what I know: the ski slope had a tow rope and a warming house. Parts of the facility were built by a local man - Norman Ellis. . . . The ski slope was located WSW of LaMoure. Norm Ellis not only built the ski area but ran it for many years. It was commissioned by the City of LaMoure Park Board. "
  • Picture of tow (2022) / Picture of lodge (2022) Thank you Terri Potts of the LaMoure County Museum
  • Mentioned in newpaper on Jan. 21, but not included on Feb. 6, 1970:
  • BUT, mentioned again in 1971: Dakota's Winter Is Time to Be Outdoors - The Bismarck Tribune, Nov 4, 1971

Leonard Lions Club Ski Hill

Nor-Ski Slopes

Rolla View

Skyline Skiway - also called Lake Region Winter Sports Inc. (LRWSI)

Trestle Valley

Twilight Hills (Twilight Hills Snow Bowl) Reopened as Huff Hills Ski Area which closed in 2024

Villa Vista

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location of LaMoure Ski Run

location of Leonard Lions Club Ski Hill

location of Nor-Ski Slopes




Bismarck Junior College - NEVER OPENED

Fargo - 2 - NEVER OPENED


Bottineau Winter Park - STILL OPEN

Frost Fire Park - STILL OPEN

Thrill Hills - re-opened for skiing 2022-2023 season - STILL OPEN

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North Dakota Ski Areas in 1971
Dakota's Winter Is Time to Be Outdoors -
The Bismarck Tribune, Nov 4, 1971


The Bismarck Tribune, Jan 22, 1987
slightly modified for clarity

* renamed; closed
+ renamed; open
^ never opened by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.