Midwest Lost Ski Areas Project

Albums of Ski Songs

Ski Songs - Bob Gibson

A Snow Job for Skiers - Oscar Brand

The Cotton-Pickin' Lift Tower and Other Ski Songs - Ray Conrad

From Sea to Ski - The Glaciers

Gentlemen Skiers - The Wegeman Brothers

The Last of the Ski Bums, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - The Sandals

Out of Control with Murray Roman

Powder Winter and Other Dreams Come True - Bob Wickline

Ski Country - The Hustlers

Skiing the Rockies

Ski Surfin' - The Avalanches

Ski Trails - Jo Stafford

Ski with the Saints

Takin' a Ride With the Wind - Six Family Mountain

Apres-Ski Singing and Yodeling with Franz and Ton

Track! Songs of the Skiers - The Blazers and the Yodelin' Guides

"Track" means "clear the way", similar to the term "fore" in golf.

- American Ski Language - 1939

Ski Patrol Revisited - Eric T. and the Skis

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Willy Bogner's Fire and Ice

Powder Party - Faust and Lewis

Songs of the Slopes - Mac Macdonald

Picklehead Music

How to Ski - Skeeter Werner

 Singles of Ski Songs

The Ski Song (feat. Keith Landsteiner & Chris Noth) - Midwest Refugee - Apple Music / Amazon Music

Meat's In The Freezer (Let's Go Skiing) - David Walburn - YouTube / Apple Music

The Great Mt. Hood Skiing Disaster - Chris Charles - YouTube / Apple Music

Ski Bum - Waist Deep - Spotify / Apple Music

Let's Go Skiing (Polka) - Frankie Yankovic - Youtube

John Denver, Singing and Skiing - Dancing With The Mountains - youtube - is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.